5 Healthy Smoothies For Breakfast To Gain Weight

So many skinny people around the world struggle to gain weight due to poor appetite, in order to solve this problem, there is a tip that I highly recommend for people who doesn’t have the desire to eat, drink the calories instead of eating them, 1000 calories of solid food is impossible to eat for so many people, but it is easy to drink, smoothies are the perfect choice for people who wants to gain weight, it’s easy to make, good for your health, and very delicious, so make sure to have smoothies at breakfast if you can’t eat solid food.

Strawberry smoothie

If you are looking for a delicious healthy breakfast, I suggest strawberry smoothie, you can make it in seconds and it provides the micronutrients your body needs to function well, the ingredients you will need are strawberry, avocado, banana and milk, put all these ingredients in the blender, and enjoy your smoothie.

Oats smoothie for an energetic breakfast

We all agree that oats are not the most delicious food in the world, it tastes very bad, and it’s very difficult to finish an oats meal because it makes you feel full fast, but with the recipe we are providing, you will definitely change your minds about oats, the ingredients you will be needing are , oats of course, half banana, milk, yogurt and vanilla, put all these ingredients in the blender and you are done, oat smoothie for breakfast will provide you with enough energy for the whole day, if you are planning to any kind of physical activities, make sure to have oat smoothie.

Peanut butter smoothie

Before I go to work, I always make sure to Include peanut butter to my breakfast, sometimes I have it with my toast and sometimes as a smoothie, it doesn’t actually matter because it tastes good in both cases, the ingredients you need to make peanut butter smoothies are milk, banana, blue berries, yogurt and peanut butter, this smoothie will provide you with the carbohydrates your body needs, healthy fat, and high quality protein, which make it a great breakfast choice.

Chocolate smoothie

My favorite food in the world is black chocolate, I can eat it every day without getting bored with it, and anything that includes chocolate is good for me, the ingredients you will need in order to make this delicious smoothie are chocolate (any kind of high quality chocolate is okay to use), milk, banana, and yogurt, very simple but extremely delicious, I highly recommend this smoothie.

Banana smoothie

Have you ever wondered why professional athletes eat bananas before, during, and after their games, the reason why they do that is because bananas are a great easy-digest source of energy, it has the carbohydrates that enhance your performance when you do physical activities, having a banana smoothie is great if you feel tired all the time, the ingredients you will needs are banana, chocolate, milk, and tbs of peanut butter, put all the ingredients in the blender and turn it on.

Make sure to try all these recipes so you can know which smoothie is your favorite, as we mentioned if you struggle gaining weight, smoothies are your best chance, you will start noticing results after 1 month, just keep having smoothies for breakfast and between meals.