Best Foods To Eat For a Healthy Brain

Human beings brain, is the most complicated and mysterious organ, researchers still makes studies to try understanding how our brain works, what they don’t know is much greater than what they discovered in the past years of research, one of their studies shows that nutrition has a huge impact on brains health, and in order for our brains to function properly, we need to provide certain micronutrients that we will be mentioning bellow.

Eat avocado for a healthy brain

What makes avocado the favorite fruit for your brain, is because it’s a very good source of healthy fat, 100 grams of avocado contains about 15 grams of high quality fat, which good comparing to other fruits, avocado also contains other micronutrients such as omega 3 and vitamin C.

Our brain needs healthy fat because it helps with process of building new cells and producing hormone that our body needs like testosterone, make sure to get one serving of avocado at least every day to keep your brain healthy.

High quality chocolate is perfect for healthy brain

So many people avoiding eating chocolate because they think that it is not good for their health and it causes overweight, that can be true but in this case it is not, dark chocolate can actually be a nutrient that your brain needs, because it contains antioxidants, manganese, selenium, fibers, caffeine and fat acid which is perfect to improve the performance of the brain for young people but especially the elders.

Coffee is great for your brain

We all are addicted to coffee, especially in the morning because it enhance our energy for work, and it makes us feel alert and energetic due to high level of caffeine coffee contains, experts said that people who consume caffeine every day are very active, because it enhance physical and brain performance, due to the blood flow to the brain.

Caffeine can also prevents you from several illness, like Alzheimer, hepatitis, heart problems and cancer, so make sure to start your day with a hot cup coffee, to keep your brain and organs healthy.

The Impact of green tea on human brain

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, billions of people drinks green every day which impact their health positively, due to the micronutrients it contains, such as minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols and caffeine, which greatly enhance the performance of the brain, and improves the way you feel.

Studies shows that people who drinks green tea can avoid getting depressed, due to the caffeine green tea contains.

Eggs for breakfast are great for a healthy brain

Including eggs to your breakfast will not only makes your morning meal delicious, but it will also make it healthy, eggs are considered as a good source of protein and healthy fat, we mentioned before that our brain use fat to build skin and brain cells, which keep our mental and physical health good, that’s how important healthy fat are.

Eggs also contains vitamin B, B6 and B12 and choline, amino acid, which helps people to memorize things easily, if you are a student, make sure to have eggs for breakfast, it will tremendously helps you.