How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

Back pain can really become annoying especially for people who are physically active, it makes even the easiest moves hurt really bad which affects your performance at work or at school negatively, so in order to get rid of your lower back pain you need follow certain rules, and avoid certain habits, after few weeks you will start feeling better, so make sure to follow the tips we are offering.

Avoid abs workout to get rid of lower back pain

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This tip might be a bad news for some people, especially the ones who seek the dream of six-pack, but unfortunately abs workouts are harmful to lower back, because it engages your erector spine in a way that can be very bad to your lower back, that’s why it is preferable to avoid abs workout for people who suffer from lower back pain. If you go to the gym there are certain compounds movements that engage your abs but without any tension to your lower = back, it is not enough to build a well-developed abs, but it’s a good alternative

Avoid sitting down for too long

If you spend 8 hours a day sitting on your office doing a job that you hate, this is the best time for you to quit and starts looking for another job especially if you lower starts to hurt. most of People who works at offices suffer from back pain due to poor sitting posture which can leads to some serious issue with your spine and hip joints, to fix that make sure to take 10 minutes after every 2 hours to stretch and walk, buying a good chair will also help fixing your poor posture.

Sleep at least 6 hours every day

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There are countless benefits of sleep, it is good for every single organ in your body, it is important for your mental and physical health, so make sure to get enough hours of sleep every day. Several studies linked back pain to luck of sleep, that’s why your bed and pillow must be supportive so you can a good quality hours of sleep. In some cases people can’t sleep because of multiple reasons, that’s why it is important to visit a doctor in order to treat this condition, as we mentioned before sleeps doesn’t affect back pain only, but it also affects health in general.

Back therapy can be a solution to relieve pain

If your back pain stick for too long and it doesn’t disappear, it is better to start considering physical therapy, the good news about back pain is that it can be treated without surgery, performing certain exercises can tremendously relieve back pain because it is based on building your lower back muscles for a better support and balance. But you should know that exercises alone are not enough in order to get rid of back pain, because you will need to learn certain things like sitting, lifting things, standing…. Being patient is the key to heal your back, stick to therapy and keep doing what you have to do to get rid of back pain.