Malnutrition Effects On Mental And Physical Health

For people who seek a long healthy happy life, make sure to take good care of your nutrition, the food you eat is what decide what kind of life you are going to have after 10 years from now, you can end up in a hospital bed, feeling terrible all the time, or you can end up doing all kinds of activities you enjoy, like running 5 miles every day, playing football, traveling, doing all kinds of things without any health issue that might prevent you from living your life, it’s your choice, make sure to not waste your future because of malnutrition.

Malnutrition can cause depression

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One of the major side effects of malnutrition, is depression, many people underestimate this illness, thinking that it’s normal to be sad and depressed, but what they don’t know is that in some cases it can effects the way people think and act which can be dangerous sometimes, in order to prevent depression make sure your body get the micronutrients he needs, like vitamin B and vitamin D, selenium, omega 3, you can get these micronutrients from food like fish, nuts, meat, whole bread, vegetables, fruits …

Malnutrition and overweight

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Malnutrition is usually prone to people who don’t get enough food every day, that’s absolutely true, but in other cases obese people can be considered malnourished, consuming huge amounts of food every day doesn’t mean you will get all the micronutrients your body needs, there are certain rules you should follow in order to avoid malnutrition, per example, healthy people  always focus on eating complex carbs, having enough protein, eating a  good source of healthy fat, and of course avoiding all kinds of junk food and sugary drinks, following a clean healthy diet will dramatically make a difference to your malnutrition, and it will helps you with the process of losing weight.

Malnutrition symptoms on the human body

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People who suffer from malnutrition experience some serious side effects that impact negatively their physical performance in all kinds of activity that require effort, malnourished people usually feel tired and can be easily annoyed, it is very hard for them to concentrate which makes their professional and social life very difficult, most of the time they are depressed, and they have no interest eating any kind of food, eventually, people needs to be serious when it comes to proper nutrition, having a balanced diet, based on healthy food is what every single one of us should do in order to live a healthy life.

Can malnutrition be treated?

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People with malnutrition illness can be treated but it depends on several factors, such as how badly they are malnourished and their age, the ability to eat normally and digest food, only your doctor can decide how you will be treated, and what therapy plan you should follow, if you have any symptoms of malnutrition don’t be afraid to visit your doctor, as we said it can be treated, it is difficult to live with this illness but as we said, there is a treatment that can helps you live a normal life, like any other person.