The Best Sources Of Carbohydrates, Proteins, And Healthy Fat

Being able to follow a balanced diet that provides all the micronutrients our body needs, is not easy, it takes money and effort to take really good care of the human body, some people choose to give up on processed food and unhealthy drinks and they stick to healthy homemade food, but it is not possible for all of us, especially busy people who works all the time, but even for them there are things to do or at least to avoid to keep their life healthy, per example, choosing carefully what kind of food to eat is one thing they can do, there are some easy rules to follow to make sure that you get what your body needs.

The best sources of carbohydrates for a healthy body

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your body, it is important to have enough carbohydrates every day to insure that your brain and organs works properly, but as you may know there are 2 types of this micronutrient, simple and complex carbs, so which type is the healthier for our body?

The answer is complex carbs, because it contains high quality fibers that helps keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol level balanced, the best sources for high quality carbs are brow rice, whole bread, bananas, brown pasta, nuts, oats…..

Make sure to avoid foods that contains simple carbohydrates such as white bread, donuts, cakes, and all kinds of junk food.

The best sources of protein for a healthy life

Protein is an essential micronutrient for our body, to build muscle you need protein, to lose weight you need protein, to stay alive you should make sure to include this component to your meals. There are 3 types of protein that you can easily get from food, which are complete and incomplete proteins, which you can easily get from oats, peanuts, almond, milk, fish, cheese, meant, chicken, yogurt…

It doesn’t matter the source of protein you eat, but it is very important to enough of this micronutrient every day to insure that your brain and body function well.

The best source of healthy fat

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almonds bowl wood dark table 34152 1953

People usually avoid all kinds of fat thinking that it is bad for their health and it will make them gain bad quality amounts of weight, but what they don’t know is that fats are one the 3 most important components your body needs to stay in a good condition, but don’t get me wrong, the fats I’m talking about are healthy unprocessed fat which you can get from foods like nuts, almonds, peanut butter, eggs, fish, olive oil….

People who are healthy are getting every single of these micronutrient every day, which affects their life in a positive way, these people are usually happy, fit, and they get sick less often, also they live longer than people with a bad eating habits.

The food you eat has a huge effects on how you feel, so make sure to get clean food in order to live a happy healthy life.